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Savannah Teeth Cleaning

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Dental Cleanings in Savannah

Sometimes, when something is simple, it seems as if it cannot be that beneficial. Don’t be misled, though. Dental cleanings (also called teeth cleanings) are crucially important to your oral health. They are the cornerstone of preventive care, and at Georgetown Family Dental, we look forward to seeing you twice per year so that you can get one and maintain the highest degree of well-being for your teeth and gums.

Our Savannah teeth cleaning is necessary because of tartar buildup. The only way to remove tartar is professionally. Your toothbrush and dental floss have no appreciable effect. How does tartar develop in the first place? It’s a form of dental plaque, the invisible film-like bacteria that grows on your teeth and at the gum line. Plaque itself is fueled by the sugar and starch in your diet, and can be eliminated for the most part by brushing at least twice per day, and flossing once. However, one of plaque’s most disturbing characteristics is that is is sticky and stubborn. It stays hidden out of reach, between teeth and in gum pockets. It is then that it hardens into tartar. And that’s where our Savannah teeth cleaning comes in. Without it, your teeth and gums would continue to be at risk. Cavities result from unaddressed tartar buildup, as does gum disease. Dental cleanings also reverse the effects of the early stage of gum disease, which is called gingivitis. Without this six month strategy, gum disease would progress to an advanced stage, and you might experience persistent bad breath, receding gums, bleeding while brushing, and other unpleasant and alarming symptoms.

Now that you know all the good reasons for having it done, please reach out to our office so that we can book an appointment for you to come in for our Savannah teeth cleaning.

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