Pediatric dentist in Savannah

Pediatric Dentist in Savannah

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Pediatric dental hygiene in Savannah

Pediatric dentist in Savannah
Pediatric dentist in Savannah

Pediatric dental hygiene practice is somewhat like for adults, but with an even greater focus to account for the unique challenges that kids face. We at Georgetown Family Dental make it a priority to help your child maintain strong, cavity-free teeth and healthy, vibrant gums, up to, during, and after the transition from baby (primary) teeth to adult (permanent) ones.

Our pediatric dentist in Savannah recommends that you bring your child in once every six months for a complete checkup and a teeth cleaning. Between your visits, a sound strategy of nutrition and good dental hygiene practice will improve the chances that the result of your child’s next examination will be positive. Sugar is a catalyst for the formation of plaque, which is responsible for tooth decay (and gum disease). It’s simple logic that the less sugar your child consumes, the better her or his oral wellness is going to be. Be sure to read nutritional labels, because sugar is added to many products, even ones you would never suspect (like salad dressings and condiments). Brushing should be done frequently, especially after meals. Flossing is a once per day ritual, but an important one. It is vital that both are done in the correct manner. Our pediatric dentist in Savannah will show him or her how to do it. Sealants, a simple and painless treatment done here at of our office, can be a big help. They are liquid plastics that are painted onto your child’s teeth and then hardened. They are targeted for the depressions and grooves that are hard to reach with a toothbrush and dental floss, and represent another barrier between your child and potential tooth decay.

As a team, you and our pediatric dentist in Savannah will work to make cavities a rare occurrence for your child. Contact us to arrange an appointment at our office.

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