Dentist in Savannah

Dentist in Savannah

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Dentist Office in Savannah

At Georgetown Family Dental, our dentist in Savannah is dedicated to bringing you personalized treatment and a healthy smile and mouth with each visit. We’re conveniently located at 821 King George Boulevard, with plenty of parking. For immediate directions, simply visit our website. We’re open Monday through Friday until 4pm and accept new patients, walk in patients, and emergency appointments.

Our dentist in Savannah will provide you with an evaluation and diagnosis of toothaches and perform an extraction or a root canal if needed. We also provide treatment for cavities. Toothaches can be the result of a few different things. Gum disease may also be present. If you are suffering from a toothache, call our offices so we can schedule you for an appointment to come in. If the problem is a cavity, the toothache can be fixed with a filling. But if the pulp inside becomes inflamed, a root canal may be needed to save it. Teeth have a substance called pulp inside, which nourishes the tooth around it. If tooth decay sets in, it can damage the pulp. Symptoms that the pulp may be damaged include hot and cold sensitivity and sensitivity on the tooth itself. A root canal is designed to remove the infected pulp, saving the tooth from needing extraction.

Our dentist in Savannah also does periodontal therapy, including scalings and root planings to remove plaque and calculus from the teeth and below the gumline. Root planings are used to smooth the surface of a root so that supportive tissues can reattach to the surface of the tooth. Local anesthesia is used, so the patient is pain free. For more information on this and other services our establishment offers, call Georgetown Family Dental today. Our friendly staff will take care of you and make you feel like you’re family the moment you walk in the door.

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